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How to Grow Your Ezine Subscriber List

Your ezine subscriber list is a very valuable group. They are interested in your product of service. They *want* to hear from you occasionally. They are interested in what's new with the subject and have asked to be kept in the loop.

When I built my first website, I was mistaken thinking that just because I put a form to capture email addresses, people would fill it in. Very few did.

Why not? They had no reason to. No motivation. No return for giving out their information. I wrote a small time management workbook and offered it to subscribers. After they clicked to join the list, they were directed to a .pdf version of the book. As soon as I provided a reward for signing up, my subscriber list grew by leaps and bounds - almost 400%! I was so excited!

Then I sent out my first newsletter to these folks. Lots of them bounced; they were invalid email addresses. These readers were willing to type in a little box to get a reward, but the prize came too easily.

Soon I learned that a great method to ensure their correct email was captures was to deliver the goods via email. That way, if they really wanted to get the booklet, they'd have to ante up with valid addresses.

Great - they had pre-qualified themselves!

You can use autosresponders or a tool such as Constant Contact to automatically send your offering to the new subscribers. Try or

Now, just sit back and watch your list grow into a wonderful marketing tool.

By Megan Corwin

10 Sure Fire Ways To Get More Ezine Subscribers

1. Place testimonials for your ezine on your site.

Your testimonials will help you to increase your circulation by showing your visitors how your ezine has helped your subscribers.

2. Give your visitors the chance to see what your ezine is all about before subscribing.

For instance, you could provide an archive of your past issues on your site or you could make a sample issue available by autoresponder.

3. Write articles.

Your articles will increase your subscriptions by showing people that are unfamiliar with your ezine what kind of valuable content they can expect from you.

Promote your articles by submitting them to article directories, article announcement lists, and also to ezine publishers directly.

4. Swap articles with other ezine publishers and webmasters.

Publish other ezine publishers' articles in your ezine in exchange for those publishers running your articles in their ezines.

This can help you to successfully increase your subs by getting your articles run in targeted ezines on a regular basis.

You can also participate in ad swaps where you post other publishers' or webmasters articles on your site in exchange for them doing the same for you.

In addition, to helping you get more subscribers, these swaps can help you to keep your site updated with new content and increase your search engine rankings by increasing the number of reciprocal links you have.

5. Add bonuses for subscribing to your ezine.

Your bonuses will help you to successfully get more subscribers by giving your visitors an incentive for joining your ezine.

Increase the value your visitors place on your bonuses by adding an honest dollar amount to them, by telling your visitors the benefits they provide, or by telling your visitors how many people have already received them.

6. Swap advertising space with other ezine publishers.

Your ad swaps will give you an excellent way to increase your subscriptions at no cost. When possible, swap your ads for at least three issues in a row to maximize the number of new subscribers you get.

7. Swap "thank you" page ads.

Promote other related but non competing ezines on the page your new subscribers are taken to after subscribing to your ezine in exchange for those publishers doing the same for you.

This will give you a powerful way to continue to increase your subscriptions for as long as the other ezines are published.

8. Swap welcome message ads.

Like your "thank you" page ads, this type of swap can give you very good ongoing promotion of your ezine. The main difference is that not everyone that subscribes to your ezine will read your welcome email while all your new subscribers will be directed to your "thank you" page.

9. Swap recommendations with other ezine publishers.

You could recommend another publisher's ezine within your ezine in your own words in exchange for that publisher doing the same for you.

You could also swap recommendations in your welcome message or on your "thank you" page.

In addition, you could run a recommended ezines section in every issue where you recommend a few or several other ezines in exchange for those publishers doing the same for you.

10. Submit your ezine to ezine announcement lists and ezine directories.

Your submissions will provide you with an easy way to start getting more new subscribers.

Getting your ezine listed in ezine directories can also help you to find more people who would like to purchase advertising in your ezine as well as more publishers who would like to do a joint venture with you.

Article by writer, Ken Hill

10 First Rate Tips To Getting More Ezine Subscribers

1. Submit your ezine to ezine directories.

Ezine directories attract people interested in subscribing to ezines that provide them with information about their interests such as marketing, affiliate programs, gardening, or staying healthy.

In addition, ezine directories will help you to find people to buy advertising in your publication as well as other publishers who would like to swap ads or do a joint venture with you.

2. Promote your ezine in your signature file. Include a couple lines of promotion for your ezine in addition to the other information in your sig file.

3. Add a subscription box for your ezine on every page of your site. This will ensure that whatever page your visitors enter your site from, they will be able learn about your ezine and subscribe to your publication.

4. Provide a bonus for subscribing to your ezine such as an ebook, report, tutorial, marketing course, or access to your subscriber's only membership site.

Mention your bonus when promoting your ezine on your site, in your signature file, and when submitting your publication to ezine directories.

5. Buy classified ads or sponsor ads for your publication in ezines that you are already subscribed to and enjoy reading.

Also search ezine directories for ezines that reach your target market and offer reasonable advertising rates.

6. Swap ads with other ezine publishers. Be specific when asking for your ad swap. Clearly define where you will place the other publisher's ad and ask the other publisher to place the same ad for you.

Also ask for confirmation of your ad and a copy of the issue your ad will run in, and provide the other publisher with a copy of her ad and a copy of the issue you run her ad in.

To get the most out of your swaps trying swapping ads for at least 3 issues in a row and track your swaps, so that you will be able to pinpoint which ads and ezines give you the best response.

7. Use your articles to promote your ezine. Add a resource box that advertises your ezine to articles that you've written and run in your ezine or write articles specifically for promoting your ezine.

Next submit your articles to other ezine publishers, to article directories, and to article announcement lists.

8. Use autoresponders to promote your ezine to your visitors. Make sample issues of your ezine available by autoresponder or use your autoresponders to create an archive of all your past issues.

9. Publish testimonials/endorsements for your ezine on your site. If you've received tons of these for your ezine, use an autoresponder to deliver them to your visitors.

10. Swap recommendations with other ezine publishers. You could swap recommendations where the other publisher puts her recommendation of your ezine in her own words while you do the same for her.

You could also publish a recommended ezines section if you wanted to swap recommendations with several other ezines interested in swapping recommendations with each other.

Article Copyright by writer, Ken Hill

13 Ways To A Build A List Of Readers Of Your Ezine

If you have an ezine or online newsletter you want to send it to potential customers. In order to send it you need a list of people who want to receive it. This article is about how you build a list of subscribers to your ezine.

There are many ways to approach people and ask them to join your list. Because that is what it is all about.

Building your list

What is already available?

Maybe your business exists for some time and you have already customers. Add them to your list. If you have salesmen or -women in your staff (in case part of your business is off-line), ask them about their contacts as well. Check business cards and business correspondence (bills, invoices etc.).

A form on your web site.

Place a form on your web site where visitors can subscribe to your ezine. You can find the html code for a form on the internet and often your web host company offers forms for free.

Ezine directories

Ezine directories are a great place for you to promote your ezine. There are ezine categories for any kind of business. Before you submit your ezine you have to make a description of it. The description has to be short and compelling and reflect what your ezine is about. Search in an ezine directory for ezines like yours and read the descriptions. This gives you an idea about how the description should be.

Here is a list of directories where you can submit your ezine. There are more. You can find them in any search engine.


Ezines Hub

Electric Pen

Online advertising

Place ads online to promote your ezine.

Announcement Lists

Announcements Lists are email lists where publishers can announce their ezine. Every list has some rules you have to follow before announcing, like name of the ezine, circulation, a short description, age category, where to subscribe etc. You also have to subscribe to the group before you can post.

Here are url's of some announcement lists:

1 List Advertising


2000 Publications


Add Your List

All My Lists

List Your List

List Announcement


List Advertise

Get More Subs

Get More Subs (Topica)

Promote List

List Builder

Promote your List

Offline advertising

Place ads about your ezine in magazines, journals etc., that are related to your business and promote your ezine or online newsletter there. If you sell products about dog food, you may advertise your ezine in magazines and trade journals about dogs. You can also place a small ad in the pets section of your local newspaper and the pet store.


Distribute flyers at busy traffic points in your city or at markets, related to your business.

Business card

Mention your ezine and the subscribe email address on your business card.

Free Ads

Offer space for free ads. This attracts subscribers. If you consider doing this, don't forget to include this option in the description of your ezine. When potential subscribers search the directories they can see that you offer space for free ads.

Signatures files

Include at the end of your outgoing emails a short message about your ezine. Mention in the sig file where they can find your ezine and how they can subscribe. Don't forget to include the sig file also in your replies to emails.

Ad Swaps

Offer colleague publishers space for an ad in which he promotes his eziner. In return you can advertise your own ezine in his. Make for this purpose a compelling ad. The description of your ezine can be a guide for this. Here are some nice places for an ad swap:

The Free Directory of Ezines

List Directory

Shann's Ezine

Money Minute Ezine

SwapResources .com

Binky's Ad Swap Club


KCD Webdesign and Hosting

Ad Co-ops

An ad co-op means that you place ads that are delivered to you by an intermediate. A person who offers ad space on the net. You place the ads he acquires and in return you can add the email address of the person who advertises to your list.

Ad co-ops contribute a great deal in building your list and you will see a rapid grow but the subscribers are not always the subscribers you want. The importance is often exaggerated


Ask your subscribers to recommend your ezine to family, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, business relations etc. You can e.g. put a small form in your ezine where subscribers can enter the email address of friends, family etc.

In closing

As you see... there are many ways to promote your ezine and build a list. When you do a brainstorm session you may even find more.

By Joop Liefaard

Ezine Publishing: 5 Easy Smart Strategies To Increase Your E-zines Subscriber Base

Do you publish an e-zine or newsletter?

If you answer yes, then you must know how difficult it is to sign up new subscribers.

I will now reveal to you 5 smart and easy e-zine publishing secrets to do so.

1. Give Incentives

Give people an incentive to subscribe to your e-zine. Offer them a freebie if they subscribe. It could be a free e-book, free report, free advertising, etc. Make sure the freebie will attract your target audience.

2. Joint Venture

Joint venture with a similar e-zine. Combine your subscriber bases together and publish one e-zine. Edit and publish each issue together. You both will be promoting the e-zine which means more subscribers.

3. Allow Archiving

Allow your subscribers to archive back issues of your e-zine on their web site. They may need content for their web site. If people visit their web site and like your e-zine, they will subscribe.

4. Form An E-zine Ring

Form an e-zine ring. Team up with 4 to 10 similar e-zines. All the publishers would agree to list each others e-zine name and subscribing information in every issue. You could call this section "Other Free E-zines You Might Enjoy"

5. Ask Subscribers

Ask subscribers to forward your e-zine to close friends, family, or associates. If they enjoy your e-zine, they will subscribe. It's almost like your subscribers are endorsing your e-zine.

May you succeed in your e-zine publishing efforts and make a lot of money.

By Warmly

Top 10 Reasons to Use a Blog to Publish Your Ezine

Blogs are the hottest thing going these days when it comes to marketing on the Internet. A blog is a delivery medium. Here are 10 reasons why you should deliver your ezine articles via a blog.

1. A blog is web based so you can update and post new articles anywhere, anytime. It's a dynamic medium that can be updated on a moment's notice.

2. Subscribers can subscribe to your RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed and have your content delivered straight to their desktop. This delivery system bypasses spam filters and readers get exactly the content they want.

3. No web site to mess with. It's very inexpensive way to set up a web presence for your ezine. There are several sites where you can set up a free blog and others are very reasonably priced for the massive exposure you can get.

4. You can set up links for ads and your affiliate programs in side columns so you don't have to include them in your ezine format.

5. You can set up a subscription form and send emails to your subscribers when new content is added.

6. Blogs link to other blogs which helps you create a viral marketing system and increases your exposure in search engines. Search engines LOVE text based, fresh content that is highly focused (key word rich).

7. You can use your ezine blog to become a trusted expert for your subscribers, by filtering content for them so they don't have to visit hundreds of web sites.

8. You have an instant archive of all your articles. When you post an article, a new page and permalink is created. People can share that link with others and be sent directly to the article being referenced.

9. Readers can comment on your articles, which creates rapport and trust between you and your subscriber. Comments also add rich content to your site and again, helps your ranking in the search engines.

10. The bottom line is this: using a blog can help you attract more visitors who become subscribers and then eventually become clients.

For an ezine publisher, a blog compliments and can significantly ease the delivery of your ezine content. Essentially, like any web site, you have to promote it and encourage people to add your site to their RSS feed (that's another subject) or subscribe for updates through a subscription form. That's why I put a subscribe form on my site - subscribers and get updates in anyway they want. You still need to submit to search engines and directories to drive traffic. If you already have an ezine subscriber database, my advice would be to post everything on the blog and then send a weekly email, or whatever your normal publishing schedule is, informing your subscribers when new content is posted.

Marketing is done in a conversational way and via the links on your blog. Announcements can be posted on the blog and to one's list. I see the blog and ezine database as complimentary...working together to increase your exposure and make it easier for people to get your information and build relationships.

By Denise Wakeman

Ezine List Building-Wealth Mentor Teaches 5 Easy Steps To Skyrocket Your Subscriptions and Profits

Would you like an Internet Marketing tool that can put your efforts on autopilot?

In a recent interview for the List Crusade program, Matt Bacak revealed what he called the "foundation" for automatically building a successful and profitable ezine.

(Note: To access Matt Bacak's complete audio interview for fre^e, see end of article)

A little about Matt: He was the leading facilitator for Robert Kiyosaki's (of Rich Dad, Poor Dad fame) Cash Flow 101 program. One of his secret techniques he used was to create the Millionaire Minutes ezine, which allowed him to stay in contact with participants even after the seminar was over.

With a several hundred thousand subscribers and around 750 new subscribers each day, Matt knows how to quickly develop an opt-in subscriber list.

The ezine was so successful the he was able to do mailings to his subscriber list three days before an event and fill the room to capacity.

He attributes the success of this ezine with causing him to cross over from wealth building to the Internet Marketing world. He now is considered one of the top Internet marketing mentors in the world.

Bazek gives these steps to develop and promote your ezine.

1) Get a Smart Autoresponder--Your Internet business must have a solid foundation with a Smart Autoresponder. The smart autoresponder allows you to capture names and email addresses.

You can then set it up to email a sequence of messages. For example, one of Matt's ezine has messages set up to be mailed automatically over a period of two years. That means he can go on extended vacations and his sales messages still go out and make him money.

2) Choose a good title and description. Choose a title that captures your Unique Selling Proposition. Next write a 15-30 word description of your ezine to entice the subscriber with benefits of "what's in it for me?" This is absolutely necessary when you begin submitting to ezine directories.

3) Next contact other ezine owners and set up joint ventures. Many will be glad promote your ezine to their list if it has value to their readers. There are literally thousands of other ezine owners out there. You can offer to promote their ezine to your list also.

4) Start submitting your ezine to directories. A search on the Internet will reveal many fre^e ezine directories on the web. They'll list your title and description at no charge. You can begin getting subscribers almost immediately. If you have extra cash to help promote your ezine, try some of the paid directories-for a fee, you can be listed on these site along with many other sites that are members of their network. These can definitely speed up the growth of your ezine.

5) Use a mentor that can help you set up your ezine step-by-step, laying the foundation to put the ezine on autopilot. Often getting first hand guidance from someone who has set up a successful ezine is the boost you'll need to get started.

With those foundational steps, you can quickly start a successful ezine and quickly bring in money, all on autopilot.

By Rick Miller